October saw confidence in European markets stabilise as German political uncertainty subsided, and the European Central Bank (ECB) remain stoic in their promise of a symmetric inflation target of 2%.

The ECB demonstrated their commitment to their inflationary target by continuing of their substantial stimulus packages.

Investors remain positive on European markets for the following quarter due to early signs of successful Q3 earnings reports, indicating the continent is well on its recovery path from the pandemic, and the expectation of monetary policy remaining as is, allowing equity markets to benefit from favourable conditions, with the expectation it shall tighten, at the earliest, in December 2021 across the continent.

Major European IndicesOctober Performance
Euronext 1003.88%
MSCI Europe ex UK IMI3.65%
CAC 403.29%
DAX 302.79%
Data provided by FE fundinfo 2021