This year, it has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside such great colleagues and work with our clients.

Over 2021, I have watched my colleagues grow as individuals exponentially, supporting each other and pushing each other to be better every day.

Richard To

Richard joined in late 2020, and throughout the year I have had the opportunity to get to know him as a professional and as a friend.

Richard joined to support our clients with their financial planning needs. Several clients have come back throughout this year and informed us of what a great job he is doing.

Next year, Richard will be looking to complete his Certified Financial Planner qualification, one of the most advanced qualifications for our profession and I have no doubt he will be successful.

Joao Nogueira

This year I have watched Joao’s technical knowledge as a financial planner flourish this year and next year, both Joao and I hope he will become a qualified financial planner.

Joao ended this year trialing for the Great British Taekwondo team and while unsuccessful, he learned a lot and will be heading back in the near future in the hopes of being more successful in the future.

Chris Black

Throughout this year Chris has developed close relationships with several clients, many of whom have passed on how happy they are that Chris is there to support them.

I have seen Chris mature as an individual and within the business significantly this year, and at several points pushed me to be better.

Mark Parello

Mark’s impact can be best described as his morning routine which consists of Wim Hof breathing outside in the cold, meditating, going to the gym, having a cold shower, and listening to a motivational playlist on his way into the office.

While uncommon to many, I feel safe speaking on behalf of everyone, we wouldn’t want a Managing Director any other way.

Mark is and has been a source of inspiration for improving ourselves each and every day.

I know he has helped each of us within the business, and no doubt most people he speaks with, as he is constantly looking out for and trying to do the best for each individual he meets.

Thank you, to each of you for your contributions this year, it has been a pleasure, I am looking forward to what next year brings!

Everyone at Daintree is grateful to support our clients on their journey and be fortunate for all of you to support ours.

Next year is going to be another great year of learning and growing as individuals and as a business.

We hope you have the opportunity to unwind over the coming weeks, enjoy a couple of mince pies, and cherish the time you have with your loved ones.

We hope you enjoy the festive period and see you all soon!

Warmest Wishes,