We hope that you enjoyed a restful December and a good start to the new year. The UK continues to face challenges such as high inflation, low GDP growth and soaring energy bills. Many households are struggling to keep their financial goals on track. Yet there are still ways to navigate these challenges. In this edition of Invested Interests, we offer six articles to help readers move ahead with confidence.

Article one offers an overview of financial planning in 2023 and some of the key issues to consider in light of the market and economy. Our second piece explores how the “60% income tax trap” works and how high earners can mitigate its impact on their personal finances. Article three then outlines how inflation-linked investments work and whether they are a good idea in 2023.

Our fourth piece discusses whether helping your child onto the housing ladder could also help with your inheritance tax (IHT) bill. Article five then examines the pros and cons of the two main approaches to retirement (“gradual” and “full”). Finally, our sixth piece looks at how social media can play a role in financial education – and how to avoid bad advice online.