So far, 2022 has proven to be a challenging year in many respects. COVID-19 continues to loom in the background, whilst the cost of living crisis (particularly rising energy bills) poses difficulties to
households. In this edition of Invested Interests, we wanted to offer
some timely insights to help you keep progressing towards your financial
goals at the present time.

Article one explores how to invest wisely in an uncertain market
environment and with a possible recession looming on the horizon. Our
second piece then outlines some key insurance policies to review within
your financial plan, helping to ensure stability should “hard times” befall
your household. Article three then offers five ideas to help individuals gain
more organisation over their finances.
Our fourth piece provides a useful summary of ISAs in the 2022-23 tax
year and how to get the best deal from them. Article five then brings the
ISA discussion to bear upon pensions – contrasting to determine which
one provides the best tool for retirement planning. Finally, our sixth piece
explores how to craft an effective estate plan so you can leave a more
meaningful legacy to your loved ones.