It has certainly been an eventful year so far. Any notion that the world would return to “normal” after COVID-19 has been dispelled by war in Ukraine, rising energy prices and an ongoing fight with the pandemic. In this edition, we wanted to offer some reassurances that your financial plan is in capable hands – and that you have a strong set of tools before you to help navigate the months ahead, confidently.

Article one looks at the rising cost of living across the UK in 2022, and offers ideas to help mitigate the impact on your household bills and longer-term finances. Our second piece then looks at inflation specifically in relation to protecting retirement income. Article three explores the issue of market volatility (e.g. due to warfare) and identifies common biases that investors would do well to avoid.

Our fourth article looks at the tax implications of selling a second property (e.g. a Buy To Let) and how to mitigate these prudently. Article five answers the question of what to do with a sudden inheritance windfall – i.e. whether, and how, to invest some of it. Finally, our sixth piece looks at the impact that serious illness can have on a financial plan – and what you can do to protect against