What we do

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Our Integrated Approach

  • Combined Financial planning & discretionary investment management

    Most individuals will only be provided with either a financial planning service OR an investment management service, or they may work with 2 businesses – one for each service.


    At Daintree Wealth Management you will be provided with a bespoke financial planning service, which is backed up by expertly researched and timely executed discretionary investment management. We call this our integrated approach. By providing an integrated approach we provide a better service and reduce the cost to you of investment. These saved fees are reinvested in your portfolios, which over time leads to better results.

  • Financial Planning

    We work with you to build a plan incorporating all the things you want to achieve during your lifetime. We look at your current assets, income and expenditure creating a personal cashflow model.


    Our plans provide you with peace of mind, enabling you to plan financially for the things you want to do, in the knowledge you will always be financially secure.

    Your plan, which will be regularly reviewed with you, is then backed by an efficient and effective discretionary investment service.

  • Discretionary Investment Management

    Your Daintree investment portfolio will be low cost, transparent, efficient and diversified across hundreds of businesses and across different asset classes.


    Once you have selected a portfolio most suitable for your objectives, you can leave the management of your portfolio to the experts, who will make the investment decisions on your behalf and for your benefit.

    You can view our portfolios here.


Planning & Management

What we do

And how we do it