Last month I shared the books I read and things I had introduced to my regime to stay mentally and physically well.

February has been a slower reading month. This is due to the increased workload with the end of the tax year on the horizon.

I hope some of the following may be of interest or helpful to you.


Last month I wrote about Wim Hof, his breathing method and cold exposure. I continue to do this but have added something called priming.

Priming requires much faster quicker breathing and it’s great way to get pumped up for my training, following the deep relaxation of mind and body that Wim Hof provides.

It will be better explained by Antony Robins, who walks you through a priming session here:


Following 9 months of calf injuries, I finally gave myself a full 6 weeks of rest and started running again, which I have tagged onto my home training. I don’t run far – only 4km(ish). It’s a great way to flush away any tiredness before jumping in the cold shower!

Books read – February

Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

This book shows you how two systems in your brain are constantly fighting over control of your behaviour and actions, and teaches you the many ways in which this leads to errors in memory, judgment and decisions, and what you can do about it.

Maxwell: The final verdict – Tom Bower

Robert Maxwell was one of the most flamboyant, complex and – seemingly – the richest self-made men in post-war Britain. The tentacles of his power stretched from newspapers to football, from the boardrooms of his many companies and into the thoughts of the world at large. Maxwell: The Final Verdict is a story of greed and corruption on a truly mammoth scale. Revealing, for the first time, how Maxwell hurtled tumultuously towards disaster, it draws upon an exceptional resource of inside knowledge, such as could only have been assembled by the leading investigative journalist Tom Bower. It includes intimate accounts of Maxwell’s lifestyle and personality from his closest associates – from world politicians to girlfriends – answering all the questions surrounding his death and the investigations which followed it, and with full details of the trial of Kevin and Ian Maxwell.

Business Adventures – John Brooks

This book tells the stories of 12 exciting thematic achievements in the field of business, economics, and finance. The stories of these achievements relate to events and companies that you may never have heard of. But the lessons that can be learned from these stories are relevant to this day.

Bill Gates said that Business Adventures, which he received as a gift from Warren Buffett, was “his favourite book of all time”.

It’s hard to argue with Bill Gates, but while it’s a good book, which I’d recommend, I’ve read better.