This year has seen Daintree continue to find ways to improve the value we add to our clients, and has seen several reasons to be positive for the future.

  • Aimee Pratt (DMSF) heading to Olympics
  • Second year in a row being a Citywire Top 20 North West firm
  • Launching our Climate Action MPS
  • Launching our Corporate Service

Aimee Pratt heads to the Olympics

Since 2019 we have been supporting the Diane Modahl Sports Foundation’s (DMSF) Aimee Pratt, and after years of hard work, on 27 May, Aimee achieved an Olympic qualifying time at the Muller British Championships meaning she had the opportunity to compete in the Olympic games.

Well Done to Diane Modahl Sports Foundation (DMSF), Aimee Pratt, and her coach Vicente Modahl.

Hopefully, this is the first of many times Aimee will get to compete at the Olympic games.

Second consecutive year as Citywire Top 20 North West firm

For the second consecutive year, Daintree Wealth Management was A Citywire Top 20 firm in the Northwest.

The list focused on firms New Model Adviser thinks are doing great work building bonds with clients and driving the profession forward, both in terms of growth and best practice.

Launching our Climate Action MPS

In early October we unveiled our Climate Action MPS, potentially the first of its kind in the UK, focusing on providing positive financial returns for you and your family while supporting the fight against climate change.

In support of the fight, we committed to donating £1,000 per annum for every £1,000,000 invested into our Climate Action MPS.

Launching our Corporate Service

Many of our clients are business owners who care deeply about their fellow employees and are searching for ways in which they can support their employees.

Our Corporate Service focuses on improving the financial wellbeing of every employee within a business, not just providing a financial education we are also providing the tools and means to succeed.

Taking us one step closer to why Daintree Wealth Management exists, to enrich lives and improve the outcomes for all individuals we have the pleasure of meeting.