Households are still facing many economic uncertainties as we enter the latter part of 2022. Inflation is running high, interest rates continue to rise (pushing up mortgages) and investors are nervous in the global markets. Yet there are many reasons to be positive about the long-term and to take confidence in your financial plan. In this edition, we offer six articles to help inform and inspire your thinking as we enter the autumn.

Article one explores whether it is better to use extra cash to focus on paying off debt or to invest. Our second piece then outlines three demonstrable ways that charitable giving can help mitigate your tax bill. Article three then offers a short guide on how and when to remortgage, together with some guiding principles to get a good deal.

Our fourth piece examines how an ISA can be used to reduce a potential inheritance tax bill (using alternative investment market – or AIM – shares). Article five then looks at some of the core features that a will needs to be effective for estate planning purposes. Finally, our sixth piece looks at how you can use your pension to invest in “green” and other ethical opportunities – using your retirement savings for good.